I am officially an RN!

Hey everyone!  I AM OFFICIALLY an RN!!!!!!! It is crazy to realize that I am that much closer to my dream of being a nurse-midwife! Let me tell you I have never been so anxiety ridden because of this NCLEX exam.  I have never studied so hard for an exam. I studied so hard I was dreaming of NCLEX exam questions :).

For those that are unfamiliar with the NCLEX, NCLEX is a computer adaptive exam that tests your nursing knowledge. You must past this exam in order to be considered a Registered Nurse(RN). If you do not pass you cannot work as an RN.  There is a total of 265 questions. The computer shuts off after it believes you have answered a certain amount of questions right. The exam will not shut off before 75 questions. I have some classmates where the computer shut off  right at 75 questions, some at 90/150 and even in the 200’s. We find out the results of our exam approximately 48 hours after the exam. However depending on the state, you can find out within 24 hours.

The hardest thing about the exam is waiting for those results. Luckily one of my friends was a doll and we went out to dinner that night to keep my mind off of the exam. However the following day at 8:30am, I found out I passed! Never ever have I felt so happy than seeing my name on the nursing board website 🙂   I must say PENN nursing really did prepare me  and as I look back at my BSN preparation, it was a great one!   🙂

Melissa Nelson RN,BSN

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