The End is near!

I am so excited I will be done with the first phase of my program(BSN)! It is insane how quickly this program went! All the great things I have learned about nursing has has really helped set my foundation as I plan to go on into midwifery!

My last semester of clinicals, also known as preceptorship, has been fantastic! I am on a women’s health floor that sees a variety of issues such as GYN/ONC, high risk antepartum and postpartum complications.  It has been amazing being on that floor and has definitely raised my awareness in regards to women health issues.

My preceptors have been fantastic and have taught me so much and given me the necessary tools needed in order for me to be an effective new graduate RN!  I am finally taking a full load of patients. I never thought I would but I did! Taking a full load has been great but also reinforces the importance of being organized and have good time management skills.

I am so excited about finishing the BSN portion of my program but equally as nervous about starting the MSN  program ! Until next time…..

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