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Chaos is always found in your last semester

October 30th, 2012 by Melissa Nelson '10

Hey everyone!

It definitely has been awhile since I have posted. 5 more weeks until I am done with the BSN portion of my program.  It  is insane that I am one step closer to my MSN dream.  Out of all the clinical experiences I have had,  my senior leadership clinical is the best one to date!!!! This clinical is run as if I am a new grad RN on the floor. I start off with picking up one patient and eventually by the end of the semester I will (hopefully) be able to care for either 2/3rds of a patient’s load or a full load.

I am on a women’s health floor where I see a variety of cases. Our floor has gyn/oncology cases, surgical, high risk antepartum complications and postpartum complications.  I LOVE THIS FLOOR. It has been such an amazing experience and I am learning a lot not only clinically but the importance of being a proactive, patient advocating nurse.  Although the experience has been wonderful, as a student I have seen and dealt with a lot of difficult situation that always leave me perplexed at the end of my shift.

The best part of this clinical along with working as a nursing assistant in other hospital is I am piecing everything together. It is like a light bulb has gone off. All the pieces are finally forming a puzzle and to explain this feeling of excitement is hard to put into words.

Besides clinical everything has been going very well. Assignments are piling up and the dreaded decision of when to start studying for my NCLEX is creeping up! Overall, things had been great besides this Hurricane Sandy business! Fortunately we had Monday & Tuesday off and Philly did not get a  lot of damage.